Assignments - what is that?

Well, in short, it's a tool for you to distribute suitable courses to a specified number of seafarers, positions, vessels or nationalities with or without deadlines.

An assignment can consist of a number of users in combination with a collection of courses. It means that a cook will only see the appropriate courses for his/her position and the same goes for the engineer...

When launching this new feature we migrated your previous library as a "Company-wide courses"-assignment. Except for adding some free courses if you did not already have them, no changes were made to your existing library. All your employees will see these courses untill you replace it with another assignment. You can easily edit the "Company-wide courses" and remove unwanted training. 

But now it's possible to create assignments to a specific vessel or, as an example, all Able Seamen throughout the fleet.

If you want to create a brand new assignment just click "Create  Assignment" to the right and give it a suitable name. Then for this example we'll create it for all Able Seamen in the fleet by choosing the "Automatic segment of employees" and tic in the correct position.

After choosing your participants it is time to pick the courses needed for this rank. In COURSES  you make your selection and when done, click "Add Courses"

Then head over to SETTINGS to set the "Assignment Sender" and how the assignment shall be delivered. Finally, you can add a deadline, either "to be completed before" or a "within a period". But you can also choose to not have a deadline.

When you're done, you can save the assignment as a draft if you want to consult your colleagues before setting it live. 

OVERVIEW will provide Completion rate, hours spent and details on each individual seafarer. We will send you reports on the development of each assignment on a regular basis. We will also remind your employees about finishing their assignment's in time without you have to worry about it.

This was just one example of how Assignments works. You can make assignments for Deck Personnel, Masters, Engine Personnel or a special assignment for all seafarers working on the brand new LNG-vessels. Create a Company Introduction-assignment to be completed one week before new personnel boards their new workplace. Another one for your shore-based personnel and one for your management.

An employee can have multiple assignments and the courses that are included in the different assignments will be what he/she sees in the library

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